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Want to know more about us? We were initially founded in 1982, and the company has grown due to an excellent reputation for high-quality work. Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd is owned and run by Stephen and his sons, David and Dominic, 5th and 6th generation funeral directors, respectively. With a strong family background of five generations, we help loved ones seeking the appropriate monument to reflect their memories of their loved ones. We’ll work with you to create a beautiful, bespoke headstone or cremation memorial to commemorate your loved one perfectly.

Full-Service Headstone & Memorial Design Assistance

We understand the importance of creating a memorial that reflects the individuality of your loved one, which is why we tailor our services to your needs. With over 40 years of experience helping individuals and families across Gravesend and Kent, our team can help you plan a funeral or cremation memorial with as little stress as possible and a range of options. Our showroom has dedicated and compassionate advisors who can answer any questions and talk you through different examples of our skillfully crafted work with empathising care, sympathy and personal service to meet needs to provide a dignified experience. 

If you have a question about the different designs available or want to arrange a private consultation at our showroom, simply contact us today; we’ll be happy to help.

About Us, Our Headstone Masonry Process

When it comes to memorial monument crafting, at Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd, we only use skilled stonemasons. We understand how important the end result is, which is why we work with you during the headstone masonry process to deliver the best results. With advisors to hold your hand to help guide you through the decisions, nothing is left to chance, and we listen carefully to your wishes.

Many of our masons have been with us for over 30 years, bringing not simply quality to their engraving and sculpting but respect and dignity.
Using the state-of-the-art tools at our divisions across Kent and South East London, we’ve been developing our expertise and processes in gravestone craftsmanship since 1982. From start to finish, we’ll ensure your wishes are respected and offer our professional advice, so for more information or to begin discussing your memorial process, contact our team today or visit our showroom. Contact one of our expert stonemasons today on 01474 321003

Trusted Service & Craft Ability Assured

Commitment to quality

As a BRAMM registered and approved company, members of the National Association of Memorial Masons and the RQMF (Register Of Qualified Memorial Fixers), we combine the best of modern materials and techniques, along with the traditional, to give you outstanding stonemasonry.

We Are A BRAMM Registered And Approved Company
We Are Accredited By The National Association Of Memorial Masons (NAMM)
We are Members of The Register Of Qualified Memorial Fixers

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Why Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd?

Being esteemed members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) fills us with immense pride, which stems from the profound significance it holds for those experiencing the difficult journey of losing a loved one. When people grapple with the loss of a loved one, they seek a memorial mason and a source of solace, trust, and reassurance. NAMM membership isn’t merely a badge; it’s a solemn commitment to ethical business practices and using materials sourced with integrity. It signifies that we are part of a community that places principles at the heart of our craft. For someone seeking to honour their dearly departed, this membership delivers a beacon of hope, an assurance that the memorial they entrust us with creating will reflect their love and the values that matter deeply.

NAMM- National Association of Memorial Masons

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Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd
Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd
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Quality Assurance for the Memorial Industry

When families choose to remember and honour their loved ones through our memorial services, they deserve nothing less than the best. NAMM is a trusted name in the funeral memorial industry. It sets standards that resonate with our own commitment to craft and compassion. Our NAMM affiliation assures families that our workshop facilities meet the stringent National Occupational Standards criteria for monumental masons, echoing our dedication to excellence at every step. At Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd, our devoted team knows it’s more than just adherence to standards; it’s the compassion, care, and understanding we bring to the table.

We understand the emotional weight of these moments, and our NAMM membership reinforces our promise to be a pillar of support. We’re part of an association that guides our craft and fosters a deep connection with the communities we serve. When technology evolves and times change, certain things remain sacred, like the intrinsic skills of a memorial mason. NAMM recognises this and appreciates the significance of these skills in crafting memorials that hold stories and memories. For someone grieving, this signifies that while the world may change, the genuine dedication to preserving legacies endures.

NAMM’s rich history and evolution as a promoter of the memorial masonry craft further enhance our pride. It’s a connection to tradition and a commitment to progress, a combination that holds immense value for someone seeking to memorialise their loved one in a timeless yet uniquely personal way.
Our mission, in harmony with NAMM’s ideals, centres around providing unwavering support, fostering trust and offering the highest service standards to those who have lost someone dear. As proud NAMM members, we stand alongside families during these trying times, creating memorials that encapsulate love, respect, and the lasting legacy of their loved ones.

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