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Memorials Restoration and Repairs Gravesend

Stephen P Gay Memorials provide memorial restoration and repairs Gravesend, near Dartford in Kent and the Surrounding areas. We are a well-established family-run business, and we feel a memorial should be an everlasting tribute to eternalising a life. We provide an extensive grave restoration service that helps restore your loved one’s memorial to its unblemished best. Using the finest cleaning materials and equipment, our experienced team will clean your memorial and restore it to its original beauty and appearance.

Our Memorial Restorers and Repairers Are Accredited by the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM)

Being an accredited member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) is a meaningful testament to the dedication and quality of services provided by Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd. In times of mourning, when families are dealing with the challenging task of memorialising their loved ones, affiliation with NAMM bears an added layer of importance. Our membership with NAMM underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship, integrity, and empathy in the funeral and memorial industry.

When families entrust us with the responsibility of restoring a memorial tribute, they can find solace in knowing that our association with NAMM ensures devotion to a strict code of ethics and professionalism. NAMM membership demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. It offers families a sense of reassurance during their difficult journey. It signifies that we hold ourselves to a standard of accountability beyond mere business transactions. We are part of a community of professionals who understand the depth of emotion tied to these memorials and strive to provide comfort and support through our services.

Choosing to clean or restore the memorial of a loved one is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and trust. Our affiliation with NAMM empowers families to know that our practices are aligned with an organisation dedicated to promoting best practices, continuous improvement, and compassionate care. It’s a reminder that individuals and businesses stand by your side in times of loss to provide guidance, respect, and understanding. By being a member of NAMM, we further elevate our commitment to serving our community with integrity and tenderness.

We are not just memorial restoration craftsmen; we are compassionate friends on the journey toward maintaining meaningful tributes that honour and celebrate the lives of those who have passed. Our NAMM affiliation symbolises our promise to provide support, guidance, and comfort to you and our family when it matters most.

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Trusted Headstone & Memorial Restoration In Gravesend

Over time, your loved one’s memorial may need to be cleaned and maintained; sometimes, funeral memorials or grave headstones must be repaired or restored. Our workshop staff have many years of experience cleaning and renovating memorial stones. The techniques will differ according to the stone’s material and age, but the results can be stunning. Choosing a memorial mason who must work to specific defined standards to avoid unnecessary future expense, regret, or even distress is advisable.

Headstone & Memorial Cleaning In Gravesend

Over time, memorials can become weathered. To combat this, we offer all our clients a professional gravestone and headstone cleaning service. Porous stones such as Marble, Nabresina, Portland and York Stone suffer more from the effects of time and weather. Some masons choose to use a stone cleaner to ‘wash’ the memorial. This will achieve a certain standard but is not always very effective or long-lasting. We prefer to ‘machine clean’ the stone – this involves removing a thin layer from the memorial’s surface, revealing fresh stone formed thousands of years ago. This technique can leave the memorial looking almost new and retains the original lettering.

However, machine cleaning is unsuitable for some old memorials where the lettering is not cut very deeply, or the weathering is severe, as it can result in the inscription not being clear enough. Where this is the case, we recommend ‘re-facing’ the stone and re-lettering it. This leaves the memorial looking like new. We also find that memorials or headstones made from granite can require the lettering and inscriptions to be renovated and restored using gold leaf or enamel paint. At Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd, all this work can be done on-site or at our memorial workshop. For Headstone & Memorial cleaning Gravesend near Dartford in Kent, call Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd Today.

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We Listen Actively

We take pride in our empathetic approach, actively listening to your stories and wishes, ensuring that every element of the memorial truly reflects the life and spirit it commemorates. Our commitment lies in helping you with memorials restoration and repairs Gravesend that resonate with your family, friends, and loved ones but also re-capture the essence of the person you are honouring.

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Qualified & Trusted

We employ qualified stone masons, craftsmen, and BRAMM-accredited memorial and headstone fixers with many years of experience and knowledge. We are also members of the National Association of Memorial Masons and RQMF (Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers). We can provide you with the highest possible quality of memorial workmanship. We have built a long-standing and trusting affinity with all communities and faiths.

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Sympathetic & Sensitive

At Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd, our caring & sincere team have a sensitive and compassionate touch that goes a long way during moments of bereavement. Our private consultations are here to help you and your family create a truly memorable cremation or memorial service for your past loved one.

Our Highly Skilled Stonemasons Can Flawlessly Craft Precisely What Your Heart Desires.

Headstone & Memorial Repairs Gravesend

Stephen P Gay Memorials Gravesend have been undertaking memorials & headstone restoration in Gravesend and the surrounding areas of Kent for many years. We are committed to helping you create a lasting memorial tribute for your loved ones. Having your churchyard or cemetery memorial professionally restored is an alternative to replacing it with a new stone. Mainly because replacing a stone is much more expensive than getting it restored. When we renovate memorials, they are re-fixed to the current NAMM regulations, which involves new stainless steel dowels and ground anchors where relevant. Sometimes, foundations will also have to be replaced. Often, renovation work has to be carried out at dry times of the year as wet stone is challenging to clean. We carry out free estimates for all renovations to existing memorial stones.

Headstone & Memorial Engraving Gravesend

Are you looking for memorial engraving Gravesend near Dartford & the surrounding areas? Our stonemasons are just as efficient at making headstones and gravestones as cleaning and restoring them. We tailor the service to you so the grave restoration brings back the beauty of your old memorials. We offer a complete memorial restoration service from the headstone engraving and gravestone inscriptions that return them to their original condition. Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd are a BRAMM-registered and approved Memorial and Funeral Tributes company, National Association of Memorial Masons, and RQMF Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers member.

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Creating quality churchyard memorials and cemetery memorials Gravesend, is not just what we do at Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd, it’s who we are. Memorial stonemasonry has been in our family since 1982. For more than 40 years, we have helped people to create unique and personal memorials.

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Offering a full headstone and memorial service from the design and engraving to delivery and installation, all conducted by BRAMM-accredited fitters with decades of experience. We take immense pride in providing the highest-quality individually crafted memorials in assorted Granite, Marble, Slate, or Yorkshire stones. We offer families a unique opportunity to create a healing memorial after a loss.

My only daughter died in May this year in very tragic circumstances. Stephen and the team were amazing. They ensured the funeral was perfect, they were professional and compassionate and did everything possible to ensure my wishes were met. There is so much comfort derived from dealing with a family run business.

Stephanie E


I would like to thank these guys for the beautiful funeral we had for my Mother, there professionalism from start to finish is outstanding, as we had never experienced this before we were uncertain what had to be done and they dealt with everything which was a big weight of our minds. Nina was always on the end of the phone when needed and nothing was too much trouble, the funeral went ahead without any problems and was absolutely beautiful. Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts.

Susan Marsh


Easy to talk to very understanding service is second to none at such a hard time highly recommend they do has much or has little has you want can’t say enough about them except thankyou.

Claire M


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Stephen P Gay Memorials Ltd are proud to offer Memorials Restoration and Repairs Gravesend. Any size headstone, memorial, or plaque handcrafted out of any material and to suit any taste. Our highly skilled stonemasons can perfectly craft exactly what you want.