Memorial Restoration and Repairs Gravesend,near Dartford, Kent

Stephen P Gay Memorials provide Memorial restoration and repairs Gravesend, near Dartford in Kent and the Surrounding areas. We are a well established family run business and we believe that memorial should be a lasting tribute perpetuating a life.

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First of all It needs to be well made and securely erected. Secondly it may need to be cleaned and maintained and sometimes funeral memorials or grave headstones need to be repaired or restored. To avoid unnecessary future expense, regret or even distress, it is advisable to choose a memorial mason who is required to work to certain specified standards.

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Headstone & Memorial Cleaning Gravesend

Some Memorials made from stone or marble need to be maintained and cleaned from time to time. We also find that memorials or headstones made from granite will require the lettering and inscriptions to be renovated and restored using gold leaf or enamel paint. At Stephen P Gay Memorials all of this work can be carried out on site or at our memorial workshop. For Headstone & Memorial cleaning Gravesend near Dartford in Kent call Stephen P Gay Memorials Today.

Headstone & Memorial Repairs Gravesend

Stephen P Gay Memorials  Gravesend have been repairing Memorials & headstone restoration in Gravesend and the surrounding areas of Kent for many years and are committed to helping you create a lasting memorial tribute for your loved ones.We carry out  free estimates for all renovations to existing memorial stones such as cleaning. existing inscriptions re-painted or re-cut, repairs, chippings and additional inscriptions

Headstone & Memorial Engraving Gravesend

Looking for memorial engraving Gravesend, near Dartford & the surrounding areas ?

Stephen P Gay Memorials are a BRAMM registered and approved Memorial and Funeral Tributes company and are also members of the National Association of Memorial Masons and RQMF Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers.