WG249 – Cremation Memorial

The “WG249” Cremation Memorial in Dark Grey is a tender and distinguished tribute designed to honour the memory of your loved one. This memorial features an oval top headstone set behind a gracefully crafted desk tablet.


  1. Dark Grey Elegance: The Dark Grey colour of this memorial imparts an air of sophistication and contemplation, making it a graceful and timeless choice for remembrance.
  2. Oval Top Headstone: The oval-shaped headstone lends a sense of warmth and grace to the memorial. Its compact size allows for easy placement in various settings, including cemeteries and memorial gardens.
  3. Desk Tablet: The desk tablet stands before the headstone, providing a distinguished platform for displaying heartfelt inscriptions, personal messages, and the cherished memories of your beloved.
  4. Thoughtful Design: This memorial’s design harmoniously combines the memorial’s elements, creating a serene and reflective space where you can pay your respects and find solace.


Colour: Dark Grey


  • Headstone: 12” x 12” x 2”
  • Desk Tablet: 10” x 12” x 3” (1.5” Desk Thickness)

Why Choose Our Cremation Memorial?

The “WG249” Cremation Memorial in Dark Grey is a thoughtful and visually striking option for commemorating your cherished family member or friend. The Dark Grey colour exudes an atmosphere of solemnity, encouraging contemplation and heartfelt reflection.

Its oval top headstone and accompanying desk tablet offer an elegant and dignified setting for memorializing your loved one. The ample space on the tablet allows for the inclusion of inscriptions and personal tributes, ensuring that their life and legacy are beautifully preserved.

Choose the “WG249” Cremation Memorial to create a serene and contemplative space dedicated to honouring and remembering your beloved. It serves as a meaningful testament to the enduring bond you share.

Also Available In The Following Materials:


How does ordering a memorial or headstone from Stephen P. Gay Memorials work?
We frequently check the prices of materials for our memorials to ensure we give the best possible quotation. This is exactly why we quote for each individual memorial upon request.

Memorial Lettering: We offer a range of different colour inscriptions in a variety of fonts. Prices start from £1.45 per letter.

Ordering: If you have chosen the style of memorial you would like, simply take note of the brochure code and contact us.

Delivery & Fixing: Fixing is included within our memorial price quoted at your time of order. There are no hidden costs on delivery and fixing.

Please note: Almost all the memorials in our brochure can be made in any size or material, assuming they are within the burial grounds’ rules and regulations. The Shape, finish, and ornamentation can be changed if required, allowing you to create a personal individual memorial for your family.


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